Participation in EuroTier 2018


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Participation in EuroTier 2018

Technical project manager of dots.  from 15th to 16th November 2018 participated in EuroTier in Hannover, Germany (Outside programme Area), which  is the largest EU-wide exhibition on all forms of animal-farming and a special subsection of the exhibition dedicated to “Digital animal- farming” bringing together more than 1,900 exhibitors annually. The attendance at the exhibition has significant role of continuous market feasibility study – to meet and see both potential customers as well as better identify any existing solutions in the market by identifying potential competitors.

Project partner LORA with a two person delegation also visited this conference. That was a great opportunity to explore poultry industry, potential customers and  existing technological solutions even deeper together with one of our project partner

It was able to make sure that we have started to work in a very perspective industry. Egg companies expect new innovations and technological solutions to help solve problems, that have existed for a long time and to raise the industry to a new level.  There is a lot of challenge ahead of dots., but together with project partners we can create a product that really matters to the poultry industry.

The knowledge gained at the exhibition still helps and by the beginning of 2020 will make Aihen accessible to a wide segment of the poultry market.