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poultry flock management

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How does it work?

aihen is the opposite of a Swiss knife: it is an industry-specific platform that ingests and processes data and automates business processes for egg producers. It puts all the production data at the fingertips of poultry experts and management wherever they are, at any time, in a manner specifically addressing the requirements of the poultry industry.

  • Built natively for the cloud, aihen requires little upfront investment
  • Allows fast implementation and provides maximum operational efficiency
  • Liberating egg producers from most laborious IT maintenance and operational tasks
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aihen gathers data accumulated from various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light and video camera, and predicts the production volume of laid eggs with the help of software and AI.

(and automatically detects anomalies in the feeding supply)
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Deploying IT systems in poultry flock management

There are many benefits to deploying and introducing IT systems into poultry flock management: some of these include a reduction in manual labor required to run a poultry enterprise; modernization of the gathering and retaining of data; introduc- tion of better forecasting capabilities for the enterprises to achieve better organizational effectiveness, since the system is designed to help plan the expenditure and forecast the poultry produce in a certain period (e.g., in 6, 12, 18 months), this will allow building better collaboration between the enterprises on a national and regional level and open more opportunities for export competitiveness as well as enable avoiding overproduction in the market.



Microsoft’s cloud-based solution allows Balticovo A/S to achieve a higher level of modernization, better organizational efficiency and closer collaboration between the enterprises, thus providing more opportunities for export competitiveness and helping avoid overproduction in the market. aihen helps to monitor the productivity 24/7 and promptly respond to any deviations in the egg production process.

It has been predicted to lead to a 2% decrease in the operational costs of Balticovo by the end of 2018.
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PFM-AIHEN project

The project will bring the IT solutions to the poultry industry and will strive to meet the requirements of the majority of poultry produce enterprises with the PFM-AIHEN solution. This will be achieved by combining the experience of DOTS and Wazombi and engaging Straupes Ligzda and Linnu Talu – enterprises representative of the average, more typical poultry industry.

TOTAL BUDGET: 530 786.60 EUR
ERDF contribution: 410 325.55 EUR

Objective of the project is to build a cloud-based IT platform for poultry flock management, that meets the requirements and needs of poultry industry enterprises from the programme area, Baltic region, European Union and beyond.
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