Project closing event


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At the end of last workweek, all project partners of Aihen gathered at Riga Motor Museum to look what has been done, to test demo of the system and to agree on future perspectives.

Importantly that the discussion hit the issues of animal protection, export opportunities and other trends of poultry industry in Latvia and Estonia.

“It is always a pleasure to meet all project consortium partners in one place. This meeting was even more significant, because of the 18 month period of project is coming to the end and we were able to proud of all the invested work and outline future priorities for product development and trends in the poultry industry as a whole.  The next year will be very important for the Aihen solution of bird management. Coming to a solution that is demonstrable to a wider audience, it must be able to perceive a feedback and adopt the right course to guide the product into the phase of growth. I look forward to the next year with a hope. I know that there is a lot of work ahead of us, but I am convinced that together we can create a product that every egg producer really desires, “


Looking back at the event, says technical project manager Kristaps.


Despite that this was the last event together with project partners in a context of Interreg, the work on the product is still ongoing, taking on new challenges to help the poultry industry to grow and evolve by the engagement of the latest technology.