Upcoming events


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In September it is planned to organize a workshop by Dots. for a Baltic poultry industry people to present the system of Aihen – a solution that is developed by using pattern recognition system and machine learning technologies i.e. artificial intelligence to automate data entry and analysis, record production and forecast future volumes and detect anomalies in processes of production. These processes have had to be manually mostly, so Aihen comes as a savior.


In addition, in October Dots. will participate in a conference RIGA COMM, where Aihen will be presented to a wider audience as an innovative tool for the modernization and automation of poultry farming.

RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of service and manufacturing fields, multi-level executives of state institutions and organisations and professionals representing multiple fields of operation, where they can learn about the latest offers of digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and together select the solutions that are most suitable for one’s business or organisation, all in the same place.


Dots will meet potential partners in both of upcoming events, so we are looking forward to a many new contacts and the beginning of successful cooperation!